We’ve been getting asked a lot about FREE TRIALS, so, Monday 14th-Monday 21st we are offering 7 FULL DAYS of free training for anyone who isn’t a member or never been a member!

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Once you have completed and sent the agreement we will be in touch with you

Terms & Conditions


“Facility” means Future Fitness 24/7. “Member” means the person who has agreed to this contract.

Membership of Future Fitness 24/7 is for individuals only and its benefits cannot be shared with other individuals or groups.

Future Fitness 24/7 reserves the right to grant, refuse or revoke membership rights at its absolute discretion.


A Member must be 18 years or older, in good health, and have the approval of their doctor to exercise unsupervised.

Members must freely warrant to Future Fitness 24/7 that they do not have any physical/medical or psychological condition that may affect their ability to exercise safely and without aggravating injury.


There are two types of memberships available;

1: Direct Debit membership, where the Member is billed on a weekly, or Monthly basis.

2: “Prepaid” membership, where the Member pays for services in advance for an agreed term.

Direct Debits are processed through a third party (Debit Success).

No cooling off period will apply on any of the Memberships (Direct Debit or Pre-Paid) once you have committed.

For all new memberships, a non-refundable Key Tag fee of $50.00 will apply. In the event that the Member’s Key is lost or destroyed, the Member will have to pay $20 for a new Key Tag.

There is no cancellation fee on any of our memberships – the member is required to complete the minimum term allocated on contract.

Be aware that if you close your Membership after the minimum term has been reached, it can take up to 10 working days for the cancellation request to be processed.


Members who fall into arrears will have their Key Tag access cancelled and will be refused entry until such time that all arrears have been paid.


The Member authorises Future Fitness 24/7s to notify any debt collection/credit reporting agency upon default by the Member in regard to any obligation under this Contract. Should this occur, the full outstanding balance shall be immediately due.

The Member agrees to pay any and all costs incurred as a result of debt collection including the commission charged by the debt collection agency (approximately an additional 25% of the outstanding debt).


Management reserves the right to amend terms/conditions, hours of operation and services available in accordance with the changing requirements of the Facility. Such an amendment will not result in a change to membership fees.


Comfortable sports clothing is recommended whilst exercising. Fully enclosed sneaker-type shoes and a sweat towel are compulsory.

Jeans, work wear or thongs are not permitted to be worn while exercising at the Facility.


Members are required to be courteous to other Members and staff at all times. Rude or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Members must comply with all staff instructions regarding exercise and safety.

There is no smoking, food or alcohol consumption, or drug taking permitted within the boundaries of the Facility.

Out of respect for fellow Members, equipment seats must be wiped down after completing each station and any equipment used by you must be put back.



Members may have their memberships terminated without refund if they break any Facility rules.

Future Fitness 24/7 reserves the right to apply a $50.00 administration fee to the termination, and the Member will need to hand in their Key Tag.

If a Member lets another person into the Facility (regardless of whether that person is a Member or not), their membership may also be terminated. Any Member that lets non-Members into the Facility may be charged a penalty fee of $100.00 per non-Member, per event, plus the standard termination administration fee of $50.00.


Members realise and understand that they will be using an unsupervised Facility, and are aware of the inherent risks that come with that situation, and agree to accept these risks in using the Facility.


To the extent permitted by law, Future Fitness 24/7 shall not be liable or responsible to a Member for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage to the Member or the property of the Member whatever and however arising.


Members recognize that they exercise at Future Fitness 24/7 entirely at their own risk and to the maximum extent permitted by the law will not hold Future Fitness 24/7 or any of its management or trainers liable for any loss, damage or injury caused by any means during their time inside the Facility.


Members expressly warrant that they are financially responsible for any damage to equipment, fixtures, fittings, persons or their personal items.

A $100.00 fine, cancellation of membership, plus the cost of reversing the damage will apply.


Members recognise and accept that they will be video recorded whilst in the Facility for their own safety.

The video footage can be used as evidence if breaches of rules have occurred.

Spot security patrols may occur requiring the supply of membership Key Cards upon request.

While in the Facility Members must have their membership Key Card with you at all times.


Members agree to allow Future Fitness 24/7 to contact them regarding ongoing membership information and promotions.


Future Fitness 24/7 is committed to respecting and upholding the individual’s rights to privacy protection under the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information


I understand that the use of this Facility may involve great risk to me. I do not suffer from any physical or medical condition which would put me at risk by using the Facility.

Further, I have discussed my exercise habits with my physician and have not been instructed not to utilise the equipment or to participate in any activities of the type offered by Future Fitness 24/7.

In consideration of being a Member of Future Fitness 24/7:

I assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages which may occur to me;

I assume full responsibility for any loss of or damage to my personal property;

I agree to use the equipment in the Facility without any supervision or instruction at my own risk.

This waiver shall include any and all claims, demands, damages, causes of action, present or future, whether known or unknown, resulting from my use of the Facility or its equipment.